Living Young and Wild and Stress Free…

No really, living Stress Free is the best thing ever!

There is  a difference between LET and MAKE…
Make= “I continue to fight against what I don’t want to do but have to do anyway. I refuse to enjoy my life until I get to do what I want to do.” =STRESS

Let= “I have stopped fighting against what I have to do anyway. I will enjoy my life regardless of my circumstances.”
Do you make yourself go to school? Go to work? Read for class?  Get up in the morning? When we make ourselves do things it brings stress.
Do you let yourself, go to parties? Go on vacation? Go to the movies? Go out to eat? and enjoy life!  ( something Im still learning to do!)
Sometimes you have to just let go and live your life.  Let yourself enjoy and get some work done as well. I cant stress how important it is to take time out for yourself to do something to relieve some stress. If you have to turn off your phone, get away from people or leave for a few days it will be worth it.
Thats all for today folks!
-Be Bold, Be Inspired, Be Powerful
-Asiah Lemon
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