Conversations with Maya Angelou

I had the pleasure of hearing Maya Angelou speak. She is truly a legend and I really enjoyed her.

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8 Tips to Help YOU stick to your Resolutions!

It’s coming close to the end of January and we all know someone with their new goals/resolutions that may be falling behind.  Here are a few tips to help stick to it!

  1. Write it down and put it everywhere.

Keeping a daily reminder/list of your new goals for this year will help you remember what you want to accomplish.  If this list is written everywhere you could possibly think of; it can make it difficult to drift away. Keep the list close, and make sure you write it in stone. The daily reminder on the refrigerator, mirror or in the car will help you stay in track!

2. Tell everyone and find an accountability partner

Along with keeping the list everywhere, an accountability partner is great to have. An accountability partner should be around when you need him or her for support, encouragement and a little reinforcement. Make sure that you can trust this person and they will be sure to stick to their word!

3. Develop a 90 Day Timeline.

Creating a 90 plan will help you stick to your goals! Staying organized and on track with the timeline, if done right, can help promote a healthy goal setting plan.  90 days can go by fast but will surely make a difference if goals are done in a timely manner. This can also help you to start small and work your way up. Begin with the first 90 days on a huge goal (that you have broken down) and work your way up.

4. Reward yourself.

Reward yourself for “good behavior” and discipline yourself for “bad behavior”.  If you commit to the first 90 days then buy yourself a new pair of shoes! If you are not fully committed or may happen to derail from your original plan, fall back on the TV or from whatever is holding you back. –don’t forget to call your accountability partner!

5. Motivate Yourself

Do you have a goal to stay fit this year? If so motivate yourself and go buy a new pair of sneakers/yoga pants!  Look cute and workout at the same time. What better motivation then a new outfit.

6. Stay Positive

Having the right attitude will truly get you far.  It’s like a flat tire, you won’t get far if it is not changed!  Stay around the people with the attitudes that are positive and uplifting.

7. Vision Board

If you’ve seen the last post, a vision board is a great tool for everyone.  No matter your age, goals or gender, a vision board will significantly benefit you. It will help you stay committed, focused, organized and encourage you.

8. Don’t beat yourself up

Accomplishing your goals is not an easy task.  Remember that practice makes habit.  There WILL be people who may be discouraging along the way or who will just not even care about your well-being.  DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT IT. You have to acknowledge your mistakes that you may make embrace it and move forward. Everything will not go as planned but remember things happen for a reason! Keep pushing and do what you have to do….by any means necessary.

Be Blessed, Be Inspired, and Be Powerful

Comment below and let me know your goals/resolutions for this year!

What is stopping you and what advice can you give others to get “it” done?


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Creating a Vision Board 2013

I saw this post on Love Brown Sugar. This is a great way to set off any year.  Developing a vision board will allow you to do the impossible and create the unimaginable.  When you see the vision board everyday then you will begin to get things done! Check out the post below! Enjoy and send some pictures of your vision board to to be featured on the site!

How To Create A Vision Board: Part I

Note: This is not my 2011 vision board, just a digital representation

So this entire year I’ve been raving about how much creating a vision board at the beginning of 2011 has helped me go above and beyond. It’s truly miraculous all I’ve been able to accomplish this past year as a result of staying focused on attainable goals and literally staring at them everyday. So I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Vision boards work. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, keep reading. In this 3-Part series “How To Create A Vision Board”, I’m going to walk you through what I did to make mine, how mine helped me achieve success and then finally how others have achieved success using these methods. Happy December – get ready to take 2012 by storm!

Step 1. Decide on your goals for 2012 and write them down. 

They should be concrete, attainable, and well thought-out. Don’t just throw “Win a Million Dollars” on there. Take a few days to truly reflect on the things that you lacked, the things you really craved for but couldn’t have and the things you regretted not pursuing this year. This should drive your goals for next year. Feel free to steal inspiration from people you look up to and admire. There’s nothing wrong with that, and they don’t have to know. Warning: Positive goals only. If your motivation is to see your ex-boyfriend’s new girl fall off of a cliff in 2012, this is not the right exercise for you. You’re better off seeing a hit man. Better yet, you might need Jesus. Just saying.

Step 2. Shop for Materials.

Ok, once you’ve taken some time to reflect on the goals you’d like to accomplish, it’s time to go shopping! Head to your local pharmacy, bookstore, and/or craft store to pick up your favorite magazines and other inspiring materials. Search for publications that truly represent your personal goals. Some of my faves for personal/career motivations are Essence, Ebony, Uptown, and Black Enterprise (these publications normally contain images of people I personally wanna be like one day). For fashion, I love Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Nylon, and Lucky. Whatever your goal is, choose mags that center around that theme.

Step 3. Research.

It’s time to research the images you’ll be looking at all year long and set them aside for Step 4. This is another activity you’ll want to set aside at least 2-3 hours for. Remember, your vision board is a year-long image that you’ll look at daily. It’s a work of art. You want to clip images that really represent your goals and tug at your emotions and motivations when you look at them.

Step 4. Put it together.


So here’s the tricky part – you’ll want to arrange your vision board so that everything flows together well, and so that it looks pretty. Again, you’re going to look at this e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. It should look as fly as you!

My personal recommendation is to separate different parts of your board based on your goals. In Part II, I’ll show you how I did mine but basically you can arrange the images in different sections of your board to correspond with each goal. So for example, have health in the upper right corner, career at the bottom left and spirituality in the middle. Whatever you prefer!

Step 5. Hang It In A Visible Place.

The point of the vision board is just that, vision! You must be able to see your board easily. Hang it in your bedroom, or living room. Wherever you spend the most time, that’s where your board should be. If you’re a workaholic, keep it at your desk at work! You can even take a picture of it and make it the background wallpaper for your cell phone. Whichever way you choose, just make sure it’s easily visible and always in your face. It pays off, trust me.

Stay tuned for Part II (update: see it here) – I’ll show you how I put my Vision Board together for 2011 and how each of the goals on my board were achieved this year. In the mean time, have any of you created a vision board? If so, I want to chat with you!

Email with either a) a picture of your vision board or b) a story highlighting how it helped you in 2012.
Here is the link to the ‘Love Brown Sugar Post
As always:
Be Blessed, Be Powerful, Be Inspired
-Asiah Lemon
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52 Week Money Challenge: Are you ready?

52 week challenge


New Year=An Improved You!

Lets get Financially Fit!

One my “25 before 25 List”   one of my goals was to become more knowledgeable about finances. Why not first start off by saving some money.  So this 52 Week Money challenge has been all over Facebook.  For the past few days I have seen this challenge on my timeline shared with many people.  This is a great opportunity to become financially fit for this year.  Not only does it accumulate money for a rainy day but it involves discipline and commitment.

This technique can be done for everyone at different levels. It is easy to follow and keep up with.  Instead of living from pay check to pay check, one may appreciate their hard work and learn to give up something  in order to get something in return. This trade-off will be beneficial in the long run and the reward will be generous. Just start it and see how it works! Let me know some tips below that you would use to keep yourself disciplined. Here are a couple from me:

Use a money Jar: 

If you are a visual person and like to see your money grow -use a jar. Put it in  a safe place in your home and each week watch it accumulate. You can also add the extra coins you hold on to after receiving change from a dollar.

Always reward yourself:

If your consistent with this approach you could also try rewarding yourself. For example, if you keep strong from the first 3 months, you can give yourself a small reward for your commitment.

Let me know how this works for you! Share more financial tips below!

Be Blessed, Be Powerful, Be Bold

-Asiah Lemon

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Wishing You Well

Today I want to wish greatness, peace and happiness upon you.

I want to say, “Thank  You!”

Thanks for commenting, reading and supporting me. Thank you for allowing me to take a place in your heart and fill it with words and stories from me. Thank you for your continuous friendship and love. Thank you allowing me to share a piece of me and for you sharing a little bit of “you” as well.

I greatly appreciate everyone from the bottom of my heart.


No matter your plans for today, I want to send my love your way. Although, the year is almost over, I hope the next year is prosperous and filled with much love.  Spend today with those who you care about, love and can make memories with.  From my heart to yours THANK YOU!

Today I am spending my time with the people that give me headaches, make me cry, laugh and those who I can share and make memories with! Comment below, how are you spending your day?

- As always:

Be Blessed, Be Inspired, Be Powerful

-Asiah Lemon

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The other day I was talking with a friend who is really into sports.

We both started viewing the NIKE-JUST DO IT commercials and I had to sit back and think about it for a minute. –

This is an add that has been around for many years, and it is totally wrong! Giving everyone fasle hope and leading them in the wrong direction, well thats my opinion!

Take a look:


If you are reading this I am sure you have always gone after what you wanted in life.  But if you simply “Just Do It” without a plan you will be wasting your time and wont get very far. DO IT AND DO IT RIGHT.

If you just do it and go after what you want with out the proper channels or way to do it you will be wasting your time! Do it right! Make a plan. Write down your goals and carry them with you, dont waste time in just doing any and everything. Put the right time in on doing the right thing and you will get the right results.

If you do it once the right way, you wont have to do it again!

“Be at the right place at the right time and do the right thing!”

Our lives are determined not by what we say, think and want, but by what we do.  Take action and make sure you plan accordingly.


Always remember- Be Blessed, Be Inspired, Be Powerful

-Asiah Lemon

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“Living on Purpose”

“Living on Purpose”…

It’s one of my favorite quotes. For me, living on purpose means living, acting, interacting, breathing and moving…deliberately. Making dedicated choices. Being present and having a blast doing it!! You know, just living on purpose.

That’s really the point, right? Why we blog, tweet, update statuses, join groups…we’re hoping that it will further define our purpose. (Even if that purpose is to have no purpose.) We all participate in various ways to express ourselves and show off who we are. Being deliberate in my actions has made me much more aware of myself and those around me! Making the effort to really be ‘in the moment’ can be tough, especially when you have technology all around, but it’s made for a richer life experience.

Following passions you think look good or sound good to others really doesn’t put you any closer to your true goals. It just makes for a lesser version of you.  I think that… I know that focusing on things that you really love and that really challenge you…acting purposefully…that’s what makes someone memorable.

Just a quick thought before I delve back into this never ending pile of papers.

Whatever you do, do it with purpose!

Be Blessed, Be Inspired, Be Powerful

Asiah Lem

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